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Our Services

Modelling uses IES Virtual Environment fully accredited software. We utilise sophisticated Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) software to provide detailed analysis. This helps you understand your project built environment.

Building Regulations Energy Compliance – (Non-domestic)

  • Part L Building Regulations (BRUKL) – England/Wales
  • Section 6 Building Regulations – Scotland
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Display Energy Certificate (DEC)

Thermal Modelling

  • Natural Ventilation Analysis
  • TM52 Non-domestic Overheating
  • TM59/Part O domestic Overheating
  • DfE BB101 Overheating Risk Assessment (ORA) schools
  • DfE Adaptive Comfort & Indoor Air Quality
  • HEA04 BREEAM Thermal Comfort
  • EN14 DREAM Thermal Modelling
  • IEQ1 DREAM Environmental Comfort


  • DfE Climate Based Daylight Analysis (CBDA) schools
  • HEA01 BREEAM Daylight
  • Residential Daylight

Energy & Renewable

  • TM54 Operational Energy
  • Net Zero Carbon in Operation (NZCiO)
  • ENE01 BREEAM Energy
  • ENE04 BREEAM Passive Design & Low or Zero Carbon Technology (LZC) Feasibility
  • London Plan Energy Statement
  • Local Planning Authority Energy Statement
  • Passive Design Analysis

Heating and Cooling

  • CIBSE steady state heating and cooling loads
  • Coincidental peak load analysis


  • Building Performance (u-values, g-values, orientation, form)
  • Building Services (HVAC and lighting options, VE analysis)
  • Comparative Analysis (energy, carbon, cost)